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    Don't Cry

    Albums: Britney Jean

    If they told me it's over I wouldn't believe it
    Because you know we both care
    But we gotta get over over the mountain
    We can't keep standing standing there
    Let's move on and be stronger
    Even though we can't go let go
    Can't hold on when love is broken

    This is gonna be our last goodbye
    Our love is gone but I'll survive
    Hide my tears and dry my eyes
    You don't need to see me cry
    Pack my bags can't take no more
    Adios, I'm out the door
    Hide your tears and dry your eyes
    Cause I don't wanna see you cry

    Don't cry
    Don't cry, cry, cry
    Don't cry, cry
    Don't cry
    Don't cry, cry, cry

    In the beginning
    We were both crazy
    We were crazy in love
    Now that it's ending
    Who are just crazy
    Because we loved with no trust
    Can't go on any longer
    Babe we gotta let it go
    Move on, can't hold on
    When love is broken

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