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    Albums: Blackout

    Confidence is a must
    Cockiness is a plus
    Edginess is a rush
    Edges, I like 'em rough
    A man with the midas touch
    Intoxicate me, I’m a lush
    Stop you’re makin' me blush
    People are lookin' at us

    I don’t think you know

    I’m checkin' you so hard (so hard)
    Wonder if you know you’re on my radar (on my radar)
    On my radar (on my radar)
    And yep I notice you
    I know it’s you I’m choosin'
    Don’t wanna lose you
    You're on my radar (on my radar)
    On my radar (on my radar)
    And when you walk (when you walk)
    And when you talk (when you talk)
    I get the tingle
    I wanna mingle
    That’s what I want (that's what I want)
    Hey listen baby
    Turn up the fader
    Tryin' to make you understand
    You're on my radar (on my radar)
    On my radar (on my radar)
    On my radar

    Got you on my… radar
    Got you on my... radar
    Got you on my... radar

    Interesting sense of style
    Ten-million-dollar smile
    Think I can handle that
    Animal in the sack
    His eyes see right to my soul
    I surrender self-control
    Catch me lookin' again
    Fallin' right into my plan


    (Spoken: I got my eye on you. And I can't let you get away.)

    Hey baby, whether it’s now or later (I gotcha)
    You can’t shake me
    'Cause I got you on my radar
    And whether you like it or not
    It ain’t gonna stop
    'Cause I got you on my radar
    'Cause I got you on my radar


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26.06.2002 through 2 day (16 year)
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