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Britney shopping
01:08:22 | 27 August 2014

Britney shopping

Britney was spotted in Westlake Village on the 26-th of August. She was wearing a cute pink shirt with black shorts while looking flawless. Beautiful as always!...

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Britney and David in thousand oaks
02:08:44 | 26 August 2014

Britney and David in thousand oaks

On the 24-th of August Britney and David were spotted today in thousand oaks‚ California. Britney looks hot showing her stomach a lot more now. Curious that Britney wears the same outfit she wore at Meet & Greet: It seems our girl manages to find clothes perfect both for meeting fans and having...

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Piece of me show №33
01:08:21 | 26 August 2014
Britney praises Katy Perry's denim dress
12:08:21 | 26 August 2014

Britney praises Katy Perry's denim dress

Britney tweeted: Just when I thought the denim dress had retired....you bring it back! You looked amazing tonight bb ;)...

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VMA 2014: tribute to Britney or....?
01:08:10 | 25 August 2014

VMA 2014: tribute to Britney or....?

MTV Video Music Awards 2014 took place in Inglewood tonight. We've seen a lot of familiar faces and even a few familiar dresses. So let's play a game! Find 10 distinctions: Katy Perry makes the task more difficult. Before the award she replied to Britney's #ImpressionChallenge in Twitter: I'll show...

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Fan gives Britney a letter
12:08:01 | 25 August 2014

Fan gives Britney a letter

All these meet and greet stories about Britney Spears are really showing the world and media why we look up to her everyday. A young boy purchased a meet and greet for one of Britney’s show and during the meet and greet he gave Britney a letter he wrote. He then said when the meet and greets were over...

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Britney Jean worldwide sales
07:08:29 | 24 August 2014

Britney Jean worldwide sales

The eighth album of Britney Spears was released almost nine monthes ago. Now "Britney Jean" worldwide sales are 570 000 copies....

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Piece of me show №32
05:08:48 | 24 August 2014

Piece of me show №32

Before the show Britney tweeted: Ready for you tonight Vegas! Only question is... Are you ready? Britney's boyfriend David Lucado took part in the "Freakshow" number. Meet & Greet:...

 Britney: Piece of Me

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