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New Fantasy perfume name registered
02:08:38 | 31 August 2014

New Fantasy perfume name registered

According to new trademark registrations from Elizabeth Arden there is a new Perfume in the works called "Rocker Femme Fantasy"! The perfume will be out on the 7th of October. Take a look at the new poster:...

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David Lucado got banned
01:08:42 | 31 August 2014

David Lucado got banned

Britney Spears' ex-boyfriend David Lucado wants desperately to contact her, but he's going to have to get past the venerable brick wall known as Mr. Jamie Spears. David's fighting an uphill battle, in other words: he’s persona non grata at her show in Las Vegas, at her home in Thousand Oaks and his...

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New tweets from Britney
01:08:30 | 30 August 2014

New tweets from Britney

On Friday, Britney tweeted about her dog Hannah who’s celebrating her birthday this weekend: Wishing a happy birthday to my sweet girl @HannahSpears! Can't believe she's already two years old! Later she showed her son’s healed arm – the boy broke his arm in a skating accident earlier this summer....

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Piece of me show №35
04:08:24 | 29 August 2014

Piece of me show №35

Britney sets everybody on fire, giving an excellent performance and showing how strong a person should be. We are proud of you, girl! However, Britney made a few changes in the show: the Perfume number was cut and Britney sang 'Alien' again....

 Britney: Piece of Me

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New messages from Britney
03:08:32 | 29 August 2014

New messages from Britney

Britney's in sorrow after her break-up with the unfaithful Lucado. Poor girl talks about her bad mood in a new video she posted on Instagram. Also she tweeted: Ahhhh the single life!...

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