» Articles for 01.10.2014
» Articles for 01.10.2014
    Personal interview reportedly confiscated
    11:10:30 | 01 October 2014

    Personal interview reportedly confiscated

    Britney’s in hot water after a reporter’s interview was confiscated and edited because it was too personal. A reporter for 2TV says she thought her interview with Britney went smooth, but when it came time to leave, Britney’s reps wanted to edit the footage because they felt Brit may have revealed too...

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    Interview for
    10:10:08 | 01 October 2014
    Britney to work with Ed Sheeran?
    10:10:22 | 01 October 2014

    Britney to work with Ed Sheeran?

    According to Daily Star Newspaper Britney Spears was thrilled at the star’s cover of her track‚ and it is said she would love him to write a song to help her ”have a new sound”. A source told the Daily Star newspaper: ”They’ve kept in touch and now she’s asked him to pen her a song that will make fans...

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